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Press Releases

Zamil Air Conditioners Develops High-Capacity, Environmentally Friendly Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller 01-01-2014

Zamil Air Conditioners, a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) and the leading manufacturer and service provider of air conditioning systems in the Middle East, has successfully commissioned the first ever water cooled Turbocor Centrifugal chiller in the Middle East.

This innovative chiller was designed and produced by Geoclima, a strategic business unit of Zamil Air Conditioners and leading Italian manufacturer of air conditioning systems. The Turbocor Chiller is water cooled, ranges in capacity from 370 tons up to 1,300 tons, and comes with an array of extraordinary features. These chillers are suitable for both commercial and light industrial chilled water applications.

These new Centrifugal Chillers are the first in the Middle East to feature oil free compressor technology. They also employ frictionless magnetic bearings, instead of the commonly used alternative compressor bearings, and feature a built-in variable frequency drive (VFD). The advanced-design chiller is also remarkably low noise, uses an extremely low starting current, and is designed to provide customers with a cooling solution that delivers truly sustainable performance and operation.

These Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers offer added flexibility over traditional chillers, including variable speed compressors that adjust exactly to required cooling loads, resulting in outstanding energy savings from digitally controlled two-stage centrifugal compression.

Ahmed Zaatari, VP of Zamil Air Conditioners, commented: “Various Zamil Air Conditioners business units, in cooperation with Geoclima, have combined their talents to create a unit that is truly advanced in terms of cooling capacity and energy savings. This new centrifugal chiller meets the climate control needs of the new regulatory environment and our clients more completely than ever before by operating with an increased efficiency that simultaneously lowers energy costs and protects the environment.”

Fawaz Bitar, Head of Heavy Duty Cooling Product Unit at Zamil Air Conditioners, said: “We are proud to announce the commisioning of the first ever oil free magnetic bearings water cooled centrifugal chiller in the Middle East. As we launch this new group of products in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, we are aware of the advantages they will bring to customers and contractors alike in terms of energy efficiency, savings and ease of installation and maintenance. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of new product development so that we can transfer the benefits of our knowledge to our customers in a timely manner.”

This new tech Centrifugal Chiller currently powers the air-conditioning system at the Zamil Air Conditioners offices, located at the central air conditioners plant in Dammam Second Industrial City, where it will showcase the company’s capacity for innovation to various clients, consulting offices, contractors, and curious engineers who are enthusiastic and keen to explore such an advanced HVAC technology.

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