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Press Releases

Zamil Air Conditioners Launches SmartVan Automated Service in Saudi Arabia 01-27-2014

Zamil Air Conditioners is proud to announce the launch of its SmartVan Automated Service for customers located in Saudi Arabia. The new service is designed so that customers can initiate service with a single call to the Zamil Air Conditioners call center at 920000468. The new service system then generates a case record and automatically assigns the new work order to the next available skilled field technician.

The new system operates as a valuable tool for communicating customer needs to the field technicians. Status notifications such as case open, scheduled or resolved are sent to the customer's mobile devices to keep them updated on technician appointment times and other aspects of the case in accordance with the logged information. Trained SmartVan technicians then handle the service request with the utmost professionalism, equipped with quality assurance tools such as automated field worker logs and the ability to communicate immediately with home office personnel if necessary. The target turnaround time for each case resolution is currently set at 48 hours, which the company believes will be the most popular aspect of the new SmartVan service according to customer feedback.

The new SmartVan system also allows technicians to access important case information online and determine the type of expert assistance required by the customer at the site. The company will continue to develop and upgrade the services provided by the SmartVan automation system in accordance with customer expectations as expressed through comments and other input mechanisms.

The Zamil Air Conditioners SmartVan Solution will eliminate unnecessary service order processing time and reduce wait time for customers. It will also improve response time and enable the workforce operating in the field to maximize resources while creating consistent customer goodwill and improving communications within the organization. The new system offers valuable opportunities to maximize first-call closure rates, stay within service level agreement (SLA) times, drive customer satisfaction and create new revenue opportunities due to a decisive marketing edge over the competition. Implementation of this new solution will create a smarter, more efficient and more customer service-oriented field service than ever before.

"Zamil Air Conditionersis the first in the region to launch mobile app technology in an effort to provide customers with state-of-the-art service options. The SmartVan automation service will enable technicians to increase productivity and efficiency while providing an ever-widening range of services and ensuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction," said Zaki Sabbagh, CIO of Zamil Industrial ITG.

The SmartVan system offers key advantages that benefit both service technicians and customers, including iPad-equipped technicians with GPS directional capabilities, automatic assignment of work orders to the appropriate technician in order to reduce response time, monitoring of workload and SLA times,and constant communication with the customer via Arabic/English SMS notifications sent at opening, scheduling and resolution points within the service process.

Personnel charged with planning and scheduling are now able to continuously communicate with and monitor field worker performance, ensuring that the highest possible quality of service is provided to Zamil Air Conditioners customers.


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