Fallujah Teaching Hospital Project in Iraq 2022

 Zamil AC has completed the supply of central air handling units with hygienic specifications for hospitals. The scope of work included 20 air handling units with heat exchangers for the burn building and the open heart building in Fallujah General Teaching Hospital. 

The supplied air-conditioning units included ultraviolet sterilizers for air, air humidifiers, special filters, and centrifugal fans that met the health quality standards of hospitals, which is considered the first of its kind in Anbar Governorate. 

Moreover, the buildings are equipped with modern technologies, and ventilation devices with special sterilizers were used in Iraq for the first time.

Lastly, Anbar Governorate Health indicates that Fallujah General Teaching Hospital is among 4 major hospitals being developed to provide health care and services for Fallujah and its surrounding areas.

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